RV Accessories 101: A Beginner’s Guide

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Beginner’s guide to essential RV equipment.

Are you taking steps to get into an RV? Are you eager to start your life of adventure on the dusty trail? Are you ready to take the road less traveled? Welcome to the wonderful world of RVing, one of the only places where adventure and comfort truly coexist.

You’ve gotten excited. You are mentally prepared. Maybe you’ve even picked out your rig. But, you are realizing that there has to be more than just picking out your rig. And you are RIGHT! In this beginner’s guide, we’ll walk you through the essential RV accessories to consider.

RV stabilization equipment

Leveling blocks and wheel chocks help you stabilize your rig and prevent it from rolling away. Any time you park your RV or take it off the hitch, you will need wheel chocks. The heavy weight of your rig could easily cause it to shift or roll when sitting on a slight incline or even adjusting your jack stand.

Anytime you are settling into a new lot or campsite, you will need leveling blocks. A level RV allows the tanks and refrigerator to drain appropriately, your slide-outs to work safely, and your doors to open and close correctly. Additionally, unlevel RVs can lead to people stumbling and falling when walking inside.

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RV water supply and Sewer hoses

Having the proper hoses is necessary to drain your black and gray tanks. There are many different lengths and accessories that make this process easy and clean. And, for water hoses, I recommend opting for high-quality, durable hoses for drinking water that won’t leak or degrade easily. I have also found that in line water filters are essential for ensuring high quality water while hooked up to municipal water services. https://sovrn.co/0pldjdf

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RV surge protectors

One of the most important pieces of equipment you will buy will be a surge protector. Some parks do not have their electrical grid set up to handle the amount of energy being used resulting in power surges and voltage fluctuations that can cause expensive damage to your RV’s electrical system.

Surge protectors offer varying levels of protection. They make portable and hardwired surge protectors for both 30 and 50 amp RVs. Many of these devices also have warranties that replace parts that are prematurely damaged making this an important investment your RV’s electrical system.

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RV Trailer Dolly or Tow Dolly

A trailer dolly is a specialized piece of equipment that is designed to maneuver your RV, off the hitch. This is a practical solution anyone trying to park their Travel Trailer in a spot that requires the navigation of tight spaces or moving short distances without a tow vehicle.

There are many different styles and sizes, and using a trailer dolly is straightforward and can be done manually, mechanically, or through motorized features. When choosing a Trailer Dolly, it is essential to find one rated for the weight of your RV. Dollies are worth their weight in gold when faced with a tricky parking situation.

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RV black and gray tanks treatments

RV black and gray tank treatments are an essential part of RV maintenance that can help avoid costly issues down the road. A clogged black tank can be a real pain to fix and treating your tank can significantly reduce the likelihood of this happening. Not only this, but tank treatments can significantly reduce any odors coming back into the RV.

RV tank treatment products are able to break down solid waste in your tanks. There are many products available that are environmentally friendly. Some of these products are heavily scented, and others rely on the science behind enzymes and minerals to break down solid waste and reduce odor.

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Outdoor Seating

Outdoor chairs are an essential part of the life on the dusty trail. Don’t spend your relaxing time outside sitting on your steps or the ground. Quality seating will increase the amount of time you spend enjoying the outdoors.

There are some people like to set up their camping area like well decorated backyard, with decks, sheds, plants, fences and decorations that make them feel at home. Others go the minimalistic route that is easy to pack and unpack every time you move. The thing that both of these types of situations have in common is: Outdoor seating.

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RV tools for a beginner

A tool kit is an essential part of life on the dusty trail. Sometimes things break, or you want to decorate or upgrade equipment. You can save a ton of money by addressing small things yourself, as long as you have the appropriate tools.

Storage space is always a factor in the RV life, and this is why it is important to know which tools are the most important to start out with. A screwdriver, a good drill, and a tape measure will always be helpful. When it comes to RV maintenance, RV sealant and tape can make all the difference. Once you\’ve established your cache of tools, you should be able to handle most minor repairs and upgrades.

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RV Friendly Kitchen and Cookware

One of the best parts about traveling in your RV is that you have the ability to cook on the road. Most RV’s have a kitchen configuration, whether it is an indoor or outdoor setup. And if you are someone who cooks a lot, going from a full-size kitchen in a house to a small compact kitchen in an RV can seem daunting at first. Which equipment do you need?

Downsize your kitchen collection, because you really only need a small handful of REALLY GOOD items. No matter what type of cook you are, you can still make delicious meals in your RV with compact and RV-friendly cookware and appliances. Just look for space-saving options that are easy to clean.

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RV Fire Extinguisher and Smoke Detectors

Safety first! Every RV should come equipped with a functioning fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. Most RV fire extinguishers are dry chemical (Dry Chem) extinguishers, which are great for flammable liquid fires, like cooking oil that has ignited.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are essential as well. Smoke detectors are essential because smoke inhalation kills way more people than the fire itself. Additionally, most RVs use liquid propane fuel which makes an odorless byproduct of combustion called carbon monoxide. This is why it is essential for RVs using these appliances to have carbon monoxide detectors.

RV Tire Protection

The tires on you RV should be protected just like every other part of your investment. The tires are essential for getting our rig from Cool Spot A to Cooler Spot B. When our RVs sit in the sun for long periods of time, the sun’s UV rays can cause the rubber to deteriorate, become brittle over time, and result in dry rot. RV wheel covers can be just the protection your tires need.

No matter what you do to protect your tires, your tires can still go flat sometimes. When this happens, it can easily hinder your trip, but it doesn’t have to. Every RV owner should have some sort of a jack that allows them to change their tires. Every jack is made differently, and there are many products that are perfect for RVs.

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RV insurance

Don’t forget to protect your RV, like any other investment, with proper RV insurance coverage. There are many different policies available, and many of them can be adjusted to fit your needs and your budget. I always recommend shopping around to find a product that works the best for you. When disaster strikes, you’ve got enough on your plate already. If you have insurance, you have one less thing to worry about.

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Equipping your RV with these essential accessories will set you up for success as you start your adventure. Remember, RVing is all about making memories, and having the right gear ensures that your journey is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. So, gear up and hit the dusty trail!

This post may contain affiliate links. Check out our disclosure for more information.

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