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Welcome to Dusty Trail RV! This is the ultimate guide to everything RV, offering a treasure trove of advice, tips, tricks, and invaluable information. Whether you are seasoned or a newbie, you can find something helpful here. Anyone can pursue the RV life, where freedom knows no bounds, and nature becomes your playground. 

About Me

RV Rental and sales

Amanda brings a unique perspective to the full-time RV  community. She is a career firefighter/paramedic and full time RVer, raised on a farm in the Midwest with a passion for solo travel, DIY projects, and getting her hands dirty.

First Responder: 11 years

DIY Enthusiast:  30+ years

Solo Female Traveler: 19 years

Full Time RVer: 2 years

Goal: to share as much information as possible so that other’s feel empowered to live this life.