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In this article I am going to do a Happy Camper RV treatment review. I will discuss what a tank treatment is, the different types, and how Happy Campers works!

Happy Campers RV Tank Treatment

What is an RV Holding Tank Treatment?

An RV holding tank treatment is an additive for your black and gray tank that help maintain your tank functions and reduce odors. These tank treatments can come in several different forms with different approaches to the same problem. This problem is sewer smell and build up.

Tank treatments, in addition to using plenty of water, are an effective way to address common problems with holding tanks that RVers experience. In this article, I will be reviewing the Happy Campers Tank Treatment.

Different Types of RV Holding Tank Treatments

RV holding tank treatments come in various forms. Some of these forms are chemical deodorizers, enzyme or bioactive solutions, or enzyme supplements.

Tank treatments that use chemical deodorizers rely on heavy fragrance to mask and cover up foul smells. It is well known that the use of certain chemicals can be damaging to the environment, so rv owners should pay attention to what they are putting down their kitchen sinks.

Enzyme or bioactive solutions work by adding enzymes to the holding tanks. These enzymes help break down the solid waste and assists with the neutralization of odors.

Tank treatments that focus on enzyme supplementation provide the essential micronutrients to support the natural enzymes and good bacteria in the tanks. Proper supplementation will allow these important enzymes and bacteria to flourish.

These products Happy Campers offers a distinct approach, using a specialized mineral blend that effectively neutralizes odors without harsh chemicals. This innovative formula ensures a fresh-smelling environment without compromising effectiveness or affordability.

Happy Campers Description

Happy Campers is a product that uses a specialized mineral blend of micronutrients to nourish the bacteria and enzymes that live in our RV tanks. Additionally, Happy Campers is capable effectively handling odors even in extreme temperatures, which makes it suitable for a range of climates.

The mineral blend of micronutrients nourishes the enzymes and bacteria found in human waste. These enzymes and bacteria are then able to liquefy waste solids, eliminate tank odor, and prevent the buildup of sludge and crystals. Happy Campers is an odorless holding tank treatment that can address a particularly stubborn holding tank issue without using harsh chemicals or deodorizers.

Happy Campers Ingredients

The Happy Campers RV formula is a highly concentrated monohydrate blend of minerals and micronutrients. The product is activated by water and the waste in your holding tanks and is not negatively effected by residual previous treatments. Happy Campers is a bio-active treatment that uses no artificial perfumes and is formaldehyde free.

How Does Happy Campers Work

Happy Campers works similar to an enzyme or bioactive treatment. The main difference is that Happy Campers is not adding enzymes to the tank. Happy Campers is nourishing the already present enzymes regardless of previous tank treatment chemicals. Happy Campers uses a highly concentrated formula, so just 1 scoop of happy campers can handle a 40 gallons of water.

Bacteria and Enzymes in RV Holding Tanks and septic systems

One of these best ways to maintain your tanks and prevent odors and build up is to understand what all is going on in there. Good bacteria and enzymes have a major role in breaking down waste in RV holding tanks.

Some good bacteria, like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, are naturally found in our digestive systems. These bacteria are incredibly skilled at decomposing organic matter (waste, toilet paper, etc). When our waste leaves our bodies and ends up in a black tank, good bacteria from our digestive system goes along for the ride.

When this good bacteria goes from our digestive systems to our black tanks, they keep working like they would in our bodies. These bacteria take on solid waste, food solids, toilet tissue, and other organic material.

While bacteria works on decomposing organic material, enzymes come into the picture and make it easier. Enzymes are biological catalysts that make decomposing a lot easier and faster for bacteria. Enzymes break down waste at a cellular level that makes it easier to manage.

Both Enzymes and bacteria work together to make waste and odor management something that can be done on a small scale (like in your RV holding tanks). When a holding tank product introduces enzymes and nourishes bacteria, it enhances the waste breakdown process. All of these pieces of the puzzle make is easier to maintain a clean and odor-free RV environment.

Micronutrients Supporting Bacteria and Breaking Down Waste

Now that we have discussed the very important jobs of bacteria and enzymes in your RV septic tanks, it’s time to discuss the role of micro nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are some of the nutrients that keep bacteria functioning the best. Well-fed and nourished bacteria are the most effective at breaking down waste. This is why it is important to ensure that the growth and activity of good bacteria is supported.

Ensuring that there is proper nourishment for the bacteria in your black tank is like making sure your troops are well fed before going into battle. When your bacteria isn’t functioning at its highest capacity, there is an increased likelihood of clogs and foul odors in your black and grey tank.

My Experience With Happy Campers

I really struggled with overwhelming odors from my black and gray tanks when I first started living in my rv. I tried several different tank treatments and was relieved when I tried Happy Camper tank treatment. Happy campers was the first product I tried that actually made a difference. I wanted to avoid chemical deodorant treatments and was very happy with happy camper’s performance.

When I began using Happy Campers, I noticed that my black tank odors went away completely. The only time I get any odor is when the tank is nearly full. Happy Campers does a great job of breaking down solids in the tank and I never have any issues with clogging.

In my experience, there isn’t a better tank treatment on the market than Happy Campers. This product is dependable, effective, affordable, and the most effective odor neutralizer on the market. There is a reason why this product is one of the most well-known names in the RV community.

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How I Use Happy Campers

Happy campers is a pretty straightforward product to use. The instructions state that one scoop should be used in a 40 gallon tank. When I dump my tanks, I always make sure to do a thorough black tank flush to rinse the tank walls. After my tank is flushed, I add Happy Campers, dish soap and Calgon to the toilet bowl with a gallon of water (my take on the geo method). I then add another couple of gallons to the tank for good results.

Black tanks NEED water. Tank treatments NEED water. So it is essential to always make sure you are flushing with plenty of water. Happy Campers is a concentrated water-activated product, so the more water you use, the easier it is able to break down your waste.

I use a version of the geo method and mix Happy Campers with a couple of other products. Here is a video that shows the way I treat my tanks.

Other Great RV Tank Treatment

In addition to Happy Campers, there are other quality products worth considering for you’re your RV waste management needs. One of the best brands on the market is called Unique. Unique has several different products with enzyme treatments from toilet bowl cleaners to tank treatments and sensor cleaners.

unique digest it

Whenever I buy tank treatments, I get the biggest size they offer. I typically find this to be more affordable in the long run. This is a link to the 120 powder treatments for RV Digest it.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Check out our disclosure for more information.

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