The Best EBike Rack For RV: Excellent Options For 2024

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An e-bike can be a great addition to your RV travel experience. But how do you bring yours along for the ride? In this blog post, I will talk about best ebike rack for RV adventures and discuss how an e-bike rack can improve your life on the road.

What is The Best E-Bike Rack?

The best eBike rack for RV adventures is the VelociRAX 3X. This rack is versatile and easy to use. The rack comes in multiple sizes so you can select a rack that can carry as many bikes as you need. This rack also can be turned into a wall mounted bike rack. The VelociRAX 3X can be purchased through the manufacturer for $799.

If the VelociRAX is out of your price range, the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider is both a comparable and affordable option. The Sport Rider has a smart tilting feature and is easy to store when not in use. The Sport Rider can be purchased on Amazon for $499.

Why You Need an Ebike Rack for RV Adventures

An E-Bike Rack is an essential accessory for any E-Bike enthusiast RVers. I will discuss different options to consider for your unique needs. And then, I will provide a review of the top Ebike Racks in 2024.


When you live in an RV, it is so much better to have all your gear with you! Finding the right way to transport your e-bike can be challenging, so I recommend an e-bike rack. An E-bike rack will make your life easier by providing a way to carry your electric bikes!


One of the most significant advantages of using an e-bike rack is the accessibility it offers. An E-bike rack lets you keep bring along your E-bike on all your adventures. You can grab your e-bike and go no matter what adventure you plan.


E-bikes are an investment, and you definitely want to protect them. E-bike racks hold your e-bike firmly in place during travel which means no expensive mishaps on the road. This security feature prevents damage while moving. Many e-bike racks also include locking mechanisms for extra peace of mind.

Key Factors to Look for When Selecting an E-Bike Rack for RVs

Type of RV

Choosing the best ebike rack for RV with considering your RV type. The type of rig that you have will impact the type of E-bike Rack you get. Some E-bike racks can\’t handle the extra sway some rigs endure. It is essential to make sure you are purchasing a compatible rack.

Weight Capacity

One of the most important things to consider is the weight capacity of the e-bike rack. This consideration is vital because many are heavy e-bikes. It is also essential to consider the combined weight if you carry more than one bike.

Bike Frame Compatibility

Your E-bike rack must be compatible with the type of E-Bike frame you have. E-bikes have many frame sizes and styles, so ensuring the appropriate attachments is essential. Make sure to consider your unique needs.

E-Bike Type

Consider the type of e-bike you own. Some racks are better suited for certain e-bike styles. For example, if you have fat-tire e-bikes, look for a rack with universal heavy-duty wheel holders. You will need to accommodate maximum tire width. Additionally, if you have electric mountain bikes, ensure a secure fit.

Size of RV

When selecting an e-bike rack, it is essential to consider the size of your RV. Some E-bike racks are not compatible with certain RVs, or require a hitch extension. Always make sure that you select a product that is compatible with your particular setup.


Protecting your e-bikes during transit is essential. Look for e-bike racks with built-in security features. Many quality racks come with locking mechanisms that secure the bikes to the rack and the rack to the RV. These added security measures help prevent theft while you explore.

Ease of Use

Always choose an E-Bike rack that is easy to use. Consider how easy it is to load and unload your e-bikes. Some racks have loading ramps that make the process smoother. Choose a rack that makes your loading easier.

Number of Bikes You’ll Carry

Determine the number of bikes you intend to carry in your RV. Select a rack that can handle the extra weight of the electric bikes. Remember that you might have friends or family members along for the ride.


Consider your budget when shopping for an e-bike rack. E-bike racks can vary in price, and every budget has quality options. Always consider the cost when choosing a product that will suit your needs.

Types of E-Bike Racks for RVs

Various types of E-bike racks suit different needs. Understand the differences between the different rack types. This will help you select the best ebike rack for RV adventures.

Platform Rack

Platform e-bike racks are popular among RV enthusiasts because they are easy to use. These racks have a platform, and they secure the bikes in place with wheel clamps or adjustable arms. Platform racks are most frequently on the back of your RV.

Fork Rack

Fork-mounted e-bike racks are a compact, straightforward option. Fork racks hold the bike by its front fork. Sometimes, these racks require you to remove the front wheel of your E-Bike.

Hitch Mounted Racks

A hitch bike rack attaches to the hitch receiver on the back of your RV. They offer an efficient and convenient way to transport e-bikes. They are easy to install and use and can carry multiple e-bikes on your trailer hitch.

Best EBike Rack For RV: The Winner Is:

Best: VelociRAX 3X

  • Bike Capacity: 3 Bikes (230 lbs total or 55 lbs each)
  • RV Compatible: YES!
  • Mount Style: Wheel
  • Locks Included: Hitch pin with keyed lock
  • Fat Tire Compatible: Yes, with additional equipment purchase

The VelociRAX 3X is easily the best ebike rack for RV adventures on the market. This rack can hold up to 3 standard E bikes. The manufacturer recommends removing the batteries prior to loading, if possible.

There is no need to lift your bikes using the “roll in and roll out\” loading method. The VelociRAX has integrated hydraulic dampers that help control the lowering process. These hydraulic dampers ensure that your bikes to do not crash down during the lowering.

The VelociRAX also comes with a garage mount so that you can store your bikes safely when you are not traveling. The VelociRAX has a built in anti-rattle mechanism that makes it appropriate for RVs. A 2″ Class III hitch with a tongue capacity of 500 lbs is required.

Do you need a rack that can hold 4 e-bikes? Well, VelociRAX still has you covered.

Runner Up: Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE E-Bike Rack

  • Bike Capacity: 2 Bikes (80 lbs each)
  • RV Compatible: YES! Motorhome only
  • Mount Style: Frame
  • Locks Included: Bike and Hitch Lock
  • Fat Tire Compatible: Yes

The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE E-Bike Rack is a budget-friendly choice. This rack has an impressive weight capacity (80 lbs/bike). This rack can handle a lot of weight without breaking the bank. It has a double-walled receiver tube that handles a heavy load. Attach to the bike frame or seat tube.

The rack ensures a secure and stable ride, including bike and hitch locks. There is also an included hitch tightener that reduces motion in the hitch. The sport rider has an internally reinforced frame. Hollywood bike racks are secure with locking ratchet hooks. The ratchet wheel strap and locking frame grabbers ensure you can feel at ease knowing your property is safe.

One downside is the need for an integrated ramp. Not having a ramp can make it more challenging to load heavy E-Bikes. The tilting mechanism for accessing the cargo area is a two-step process, which may be less convenient for some users.

Affordable: Yakima OnRamp E-Bike Rack

  • Bike Capacity: 2 Bikes (66 lbs each)
  • RV Compatible: YES! (40 lbs each)
  • Mount Style: Frame
  • Locks Included: Bike lock only
  • Fat Tire Compatible: Yes with add on strap

The Yakima OnRamp E-Bike Rack is one of the best RV bike racks. This rack has a capacity for two e-bikes that weigh up to 66 lbs. each.

One of the great features of the Yakima OnRamp is its ramp! The ramp makes loading and unloading e-bikes so easy. The rack has a latching mechanism that keeps a firm hold on your e-bike’s frame.

The Yakima has a bike lock that can help keep your e-bike secure when traveling. This rack is RV-rated! It is suitable for 5th Wheels, Motorhomes, and travel trailers. The weight capacity is reduced to 40 lbs/bike when attached to a camper.

One downside is that the narrow ramp may not accommodate fat tires or hybrid bikes. The tilting mechanism is on the side and might be less convenient for some. The rack does not include a hitch lock, requiring a separate purchase.

E-Spec Swagman

  • Bike Capacity: 2 Bikes (70 lbs each)
  • RV Compatible: YES!
  • Mount Style: Frame
  • Locks Included: Hitch Lock
  • Fat Tire Compatible: Yes

The E-Spec Swagman is a functional and cost-effective option for RV owners needing a sturdy platform rack for e-bikes. This rack can transport two e-bikes (70 lbs each). The rack also features a tilt-away design for easy access to the RV’s rear cargo area.

The E-Spec Swagman is RV-rated and suitable for motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. It has a locking threaded hitch pin and integrated ratchet hooks for added security. Assembly and installation are relatively straightforward, and the rack includes precise instructions.

It’s important to note that the rack does not include locks for your E-Bike. This rack can easily fold up against the rear of your RV when not in use.

Escapee Swagman

  • Bike Capacity: 2 Bikes (60 lbs each)
  • RV Compatible: YES!
  • Mount Style: Front Wheel
  • Locks Included: Hitch Lock
  • Fat Tire Compatible: Yes

The Escapee Swagman is Swagman’s most versatile bike rack. This rack can carry two bikes (maximum weight 60 lbs each). Install the Swagman into 2″ receiver hitch on travel trailers, RVs, motorhomes, and 5th wheel. The Swagman has locking ratchet arms that secure the E-bike by the tire.

The Escapee’s tire trays can accommodate fat tire bikes. This rack has an optional Ramp & Bridge for purchase that makes loading a lot easier. Assembly and installation are easy, and the rack comes with clear instructions.

These are the best eBike Rack for RV options available today. Find the best design for you and hit the road with your E-Bike!

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This post may contain affiliate links. Check out our disclosure for more information.

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