3 Best RV Pet Monitors: Top Picks of 2024


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Why a Pet Monitor Is Vital for Keeping Your Pets Safe

RV overheating is a very real and serious safety threat, one which kills animals each year. 

However, you can avoid it from happening to your furry friends if you take the proper precautions. 

One of the most important is to get an RV pet monitor, which allows you to keep a close eye on the internal thermostat of your RV at all times.

Most notably, anytime you need to leave your doggo or other little one alone in your RV for extended periods of time. 

But you can’t just get any old pet monitor, you need a brand that other RV owners trust so that you know you can depend on it. 

Below, we’ll be covering the best RV pet monitors on the market to help you find one that fits your RV and preferences.

Let’s jump in. 

3 Best RV Pet Monitors: Our Top Picks of 2024

There aren’t many RV pet monitors on the market, which makes shopping around a bit easier.

With that said, knowing if a brand is trustworthy– and their monitor high-quality– is another thing altogether. And that brings us to our list. 

These are our top picks for best RV pet monitor: 

1. Waggle Pet Monitor


Waggle is one of the most well-respected pet monitors in the RV world, with a dependable track record and great online reviews. 

It monitors both temperature and humidity via a real-time app, with temperature alerts based on whatever temperature range and cadence you set within the app, down to the minutes. 

One of the most notable features is that the Waggle Pet Monitor provides its own Verizon 4G cell signal, which means you won’t be fully dependent upon WiFi.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Monitors temperate and humidity
  • Verizon 4G means more reliable alerts
  • App, text, and email alerts
  • Paid plan to receive alerts



They offer two versions of their pet monitor:

  • Waggle Pro+ for $349
  • And the Waggle Lite for $249

The key difference is that the Waggle Pro+ offers some of their location services, such as geolocation and GPS tracking, which are convenient but not necessary for the product to serve its core function.


You’ll also need to pay for their app subscription to receive alerts, which is $199 annually (about $17 per month). 

2. MarCELL Cellular Temperature and Humidity Monitor


Our second pet monitor is MarCELL’s Cellular Temperature and Humidity Monitor

It offers temperature monitoring with periodic or scheduled temperature and humidity alerts via their app, text, or email. 


Like Waggle’s, MarCELL’s monitor also has 4G capability, with an additional carrier option by way of Verizon and AT&T. It also has a backup battery with a 1-year lifespan for an additional power source. 


However, the one feature we feel could be improved is their live monitoring. 

While you do get live updates when the temperature or humidity reaches a level you set in the app to receive alerts for, it doesn’t display the real-time temperature at all times unless you pay an additional fee. 

With that said, users report that the monitor has super accurate and reliable temperature monitoring, making it one of the most dependable monitors on the market. 


  • Easy-to-use app
  • Most accurate and reliable temperature readings
  • Temperature + humidity alerts via the app, text, or email
  • 4G connectivity via Verizon or AT&T



The MarCELL monitor is middle-of-the-pack in terms of pricing compared to the other options on this list at $223. 

They also charge an app subscription, which like Waggle is required to receive app (or any type of) alerts so that should be factored into the cost.

Their subscription comes in a bit cheaper compared to Waggle’s at $8.25 – $15 per month depending on whether you pay annually, seasonally, or monthly.

3. Temp Stick RV Pet Temperature Monitor


Temp Stick is our final pick for best pet monitors, and for good reason. 

Temp Stick charges no monthly fees and has one of the most inexpensive monitors on the market at under $150, though that does show a bit in their feature list.

They don’t offer 4G compatibility, which means connectivity may be unreliable in some areas, but they do offer WiFi capability along with batteries (AA) for backup power. 

The app offers convenient high and low temperature alerts as low as -40°F degrees and high as 140°F. It also monitors humidity from 0-100%. Alerts can be delivered via text and email as well like the other options on our list. 



  • App, text, and email alerts
  • Monitors temperatures from -40-140F
  • Monitors humidity
  • No monthly fees, highly affordable


If pricing is a sticking point for you, Temp Stick is a great choice.

Temp Stick’s RV Pet Temperature Monitor is the most affordable on this list at just $149, with a Summer sale currently pricing it $10 off at $139 (for a limited time).

They also don’t charge any extra fees or app subscriptions to receive alerts, which means the Temp Stick’s total cost is significantly less than other monitors on the market.  

Protect your pup with an RV pet monitor

You never know when the weather can turn bad, especially during the Summer. 

A pet monitor will keep you notified if the internal temperature of your RV reaches dangerous levels so that you can keep your furry one safe. 

No matter which RV pet monitor seems like the right choice for you, make sure you don’t set out without one.

This post may contain affiliate links. Check out our disclosure for more information.

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