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Do you ever feel like you are waiting for the moment when you can finally live life on your terms? Do you ever dream about having the ability to change the view outside your door whenever you want? If this sounds familiar, I am writing this blog for you.

You may ask yourself, should I live in an RV full time? The answer is yes. Full-time RV living offers a unique lifestyle of adventure without uprooting your home. All this lifestyle asks is that you simplify and downsize, and it is a small price to pay.

This article will cover the top 60 reasons why a full-time RV life might be your ideal choice. Whether you want financial benefits or increased freedom, this life has perks. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the boundless possibilities of full-time RV living.

Is it Cheaper to Live in an RV?

Living in an RV full-time is cheaper than renting! In the city I live in, the median cost to rent is approximately $2,500/month. I pay around $650/month for my long-term space. That is a savings of $1,850/month!

Every city is different, which means the savings will be as well. Most places that allow long-term parking will also have discounted monthly rates. Please note that not all parks are the same. Some may be more expensive or even cheaper than this. It all depends on your location!

Get Rid of Debt

You can save so much money by living in an RV! I save over $20,000 a year in rent alone. My utilities are less expensive. I have less room, so I buy fewer items.

You can make this lifestyle as affordable as you want to. It is simple to adjust to any budget you may have. I no longer have a truck payment or credit card debt. And I can put money into my savings account.

Simplify and Downsize: Embracing Minimalist Living

all you need is less

Downsizing your life can be very rewarding. People accumulate lots of stuff to fill their large spaces. The beauty of RV life is that you’ll discover less is more.

Minimizing clutter leads to a more mindful existence. Deciding to say goodbye to unnecessary clutter is liberating. Spend more time concentrating on experiences rather than possessions.

New Community On The Road

friends gathering outside to eat

You will meet all sorts of like-minded people on the road. Having this lifestyle in common brings people together. The people you meet on the road can become travel buddies. You can also create an extensive network of friends to visit whenever you are in a new place.

It will be easy to find fellow RVers who have similar interests. Swap travel stories and exchange trip recommendations. Share tips and tricks, and always have a helpful resource for travel questions!

Work Anywhere

You can work anywhere if you live in an RV and are lucky enough to do remote work. The beauty of living in an RV is that you can take work with you on your adventures. You don’t have to choose your career over your dreams of travel. You can have both.

You have the freedom to work a contract somewhere else. You can even have a stationary job while living in a camper full-time. The opportunities are endless.

No Need to Uproot Your Life

Full-time RV living offers the best of both worlds. You can explore new places without uprooting your life. You don’t have to say goodbye to friends, family, or the sense of community you cherish. You can maintain all those connections while also satisfying your wanderlust.

Full-time RV life is incredible because it allows you to come and go as you please. Strike a balance between exploring new places and nurturing existing bonds. Expand your sense of community while cherishing the valuable relationships you’ve already cultivated.

Freedom and Independence

man standing on a cliff with a view

Full-time RV living allows for an incredible level of freedom and independence. Choose your destinations, set your schedule, and change your scenery whenever you please. This lifestyle is to live life on your terms.

Don’t let conventional living restrict you from pursuing your dreams or life improvement. With an RV, you can seize opportunities in different places. Say goodbye to tethering yourself to locations and routines.

Take Home with You

The RV lifestyle’s ultimate perk is that you can bring familiar comforts from home wherever you go. Bring your kitchen with you for your dietary needs. Bring your bed to ensure you sleep well. Your RV is your home and your sanctuary. No matter what is outside your door, every place feels like home.

You can set your RV up to feel safe and comforting, decorated to your taste, and suited to your routines. RV life ensures this level of comfort is always there. There is no need to gamble on hotels or rentals that don’t suit your needs. No more waking with a sore back in an uncomfortable bed, and no more money spent on amenities that don’t matter to you.

Closer to Nature

Full-time RV life makes nature a foundational part of your daily life. RV life fosters a deep environmental connection. The earth will become your backyard. Let it enrich your life and encourage a more active, nature-oriented existence. Let it invigorate you.

Choose places to park where you have opportunities to explore nature. Enjoy your coffee while breathing in the medicinal air of the mountains. Feel the sand shifting under you as the tide washes over your feet. Walk underneath an ancient canopy of trees. No matter what, you’ll find yourself immersed in the natural world.

Personal Growth

This lifestyle challenges you to be more adaptable and pushes you out of your comfort zone. The RV life means you choose to live outside the boundaries that society conditions you to. An entire world of opportunity awaits.

Deepen your understanding of the world and your place in it. Whether you choose to be stationary or mobile, you will have new exposure and perspective. This challenge will make you more adaptable, resourceful, and self-reliant.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Reduce your environmental footprint by living in the smaller space of an RV full-time. Many RVers adopt practices like utilizing solar power and conserving water. These practices continue to reduce environmental impact.

RV design is light and energy efficient. Many models incorporate renewable energy sources like solar panels. These reduce your carbon footprint. Resource consumption and waste reduction benefit the natural environment. The RV community prioritizes Leave No Trace practices, resulting in ethical, environmental stewardship.

Spending Time Outdoors

man outdoors with a view

You will spend more time outdoors when you live in an RV. Many studies have shown that spending more time outside is good for you. Time in the sunshine can improve the following:

  • Improved mental health
  • More relaxed
  • Faster stress recovery
  • Connected with nature
  • More active

Spending more time outside can promote a more active lifestyle. Being more active can improve the following:

  • Brain Health
  • Reduced risk of disease
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Reduced stress and anger
  • Weight loss
  • Improved physical health
  • Improved confidence

Focus on Your Relationships

Living in an RV makes you focus on your relationships. Sharing a smaller space with family means spending more time together without distraction. Living in such close quarters allows you to nurture your family relationships.

In traditional living arrangements, your family may only spend a little time together. In an RV, life will be what you make it. And that may be card games, family dinners, music, games, movies, etc.

Explore New Places

You can wake up in the mountains one week and explore a coastal town the next. Adventure is the destination. All roads lead there. The possibilities are endless.

Say goodbye to tethering yourself to locations and routines. Indulge in your passion for adventure. You can experience as much of this world as you want.

Take Nothing for Granted

We take the luxuries of everyday life for granted. Long showers and extra counter space can be luxuries. Dishwashers and closet space are lovely when you don’t have them daily.

The Best Views

beautiful view

You can wake up to a different view outside your door whenever possible. Your home could be at the base of a mountain one day and overlooking the ocean the next. No more looking at the same view every single day.

You Are Mobile

When your home is on wheels, the world is yours. You have the flexibility to pursue that new job across the country. You can accept that high-paying contract gig in another state. You can pack up and visit your family for a week. You can go anywhere.

Mortgage Free

Say goodbye to an expensive mortgage. Where I live, the median house costs $600k. A 20% down payment would cost me $120k. I would have to get a 30-year loan on the remaining $480k.

A mortgage (plus taxes and fees) would cost me a WHOPPING $4,300/month. This monthly mortgage would result in me paying $51,600/year. No, thank you. I’ll keep that in the bank.

Conflict Resolution

Living with a partner in small spaces demands communication and conflict resolution. Sharing space like this forces respect, communication, and patience. These are all essential for healthy relationships.

RV Purchase Price is Cheaper Than a Year of Rent

The total cost of an RV can be less than a year of rent. The annual rent where I live is $30k/year. There are many different shapes, sizes, and types of RVs. It is easy to find an RV in most budgets.

Lower utility bills

When you are living in an RV, your bills are lower. You have fewer appliances, resulting in less electricity. You have a smaller space to heat and cool. A smaller space ends up saving money every month.

You Make More Friends

friends gathered on the beach

Moving means that you will meet new neighbors. Living in an RV will be something you have in common with the people next door. This commonality makes friendships easier to come by.

Faster Chores

Cleaning your living space is much faster when there is less of it. You’ve already downsized, so you don’t have clutter everywhere. Less clutter means that the items in your RV have a specific home.

Less mess in your living space means less stress. Less time for deep cleaning means more time to enjoy doing fun things. Enjoy more fun and fewer chores.

Your Toilet Comes Along

Having a toilet with you on road trips is terrific. Having your bathroom is the best when your bladder needs to stop before your gas tank does. You can pull off the road and jump into the back to use the toilet. Not only is this convenient, but it saves time as well!

Your Bed Comes Along

Bringing your bed with you on long road trips is so great. Avoid driving when you are too tired and the stress of finding a hotel. There are many RV parks available no matter the route you take.

You can stop for an entire night somewhere. And, if you are in a hurry, it’s easy to park for a nap in a well-lit parking lot. No more back pain from sleeping in your seat! Crawl into your cozy bed in the back.

Your Fridge Comes Along

Having your refrigerator with you on long road trips is convenient. Save money by choosing your food over expensive truck-stop items. Avoid processed food and eat fresh from your refrigerator.

Cheaper to Decorate

Having a smaller space means it costs less to decorate. Everyone loves it when a house feels like home. Living in an RV means having less “house” to decorate. Less space means that you put more thought into your décor. It would help if you got away from clutter, meaning every piece you choose has a specific purpose.


group around campfire

You will spend more time sitting around a campfire. Beautiful nights result in more time spent outside with friends. Spend your time playing music or games around a campfire.

The Best Conversation Starter

Living in an RV full-time is a great conversation starter. Most people only meet a few full-time RVers. Anytime you live a unique lifestyle, people will show interest.

People love freedom and adventure. People want to hear your story and learn about your life. Hearing about your experience will be something that they will remember.

No More Packing

Living in an RV means you don’t have to pack when you move. You secure your items, unhook your utilities, and move on. It’s as easy as that!

No more logistics of packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. No more costs of movers. No more coordinating dates and times for things to arrive. It all comes with you, in one trip, every time.

Travel Full Time and Still Work

Tons of remote job opportunities allow for full-time travel. You can still take that hike and make your conference call. You can schedule your adventures around your daily work schedule. There are so many internet options that make this possible.

Less Space=Less Junk

Reducing junk and clutter is possible with this lifestyle. Once you downsize and start living in your RV, it becomes clear that space is valuable. You will want to reduce the unnecessary things to save room for the most needed items.

Embrace a Playful Lifestyle

As we grow up, we tend to play less. Being playful is a great way to live a more authentic version of ourselves. We tend to stop playing when we realize that other people are watching. This lifestyle demands that you play more. Go on walks, laugh, explore, be silly.

Eat Healthier Food

When you travel with your refrigerator, you eat less junk. This results in a healthier diet and a healthier bank account. When in temporary “travel mode,” you are more likely to splurge. When you LIVE in “travel mode,” you make healthier choices.

Selling is Easy

Don’t worry about realtors or the housing market when you want to sell your RV. You can sell it online or at a dealership. So, if it’s time to upgrade or move into a house, the process is easy.

Tax Benefits

There are tax benefits for calling an RV home. There are tax write-offs that RVs are eligible for. You can take a homeowner’s tax deduction and write off the mortgage interest you paid on your RV loan. You can write off the sales tax you paid for the first year’s initial sale.

This is not official tax advice. Tax laws can change from year to year. Always cross-check your deductions with a certified tax professional before filing.

You Don’t Get Homesick

People don’t tend to get homesick when they take their actual home with them. You don’t have to miss your favorite sheets and other daily items when you travel. You bring them with you!

DIY RV Upgrades are Easy

Remodeling and upgrading an RV is a lot easier than a traditional home. Your space is smaller, so the list of things to update costs less. The idea of paying less for work is a lot more manageable!

Learn How to Fix Things

Learning how to fix things in your RV is very rewarding. It can get expensive to pay someone to repair things. Scheduled maintenance is a great place to start learning.

You will become more familiar with your RV. Over time, you can address maintenance and minor issues yourself. Things break, and when the time comes, you will be ready!

Learn How to Drive a Large Vehicle

You will have to learn how to drive or tow your RV. Luckily, this is something that anyone can do. Because you live in it full time, you will learn fast!

At first, it may seem overwhelming. With more repetition, you will become more comfortable. It will be something that comes to you over time.

Value Experiences Over Belongings

You’ve downsized so you can live a life of adventure. That is the first step in prioritizing experiences over material things. This practice is well known to bring more happiness and joy into life.

Quiet and Solitude

woman sitting on pier

Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy spending time in quiet places. Science has found that periods of quiet and solitude have many health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of solitude:

  • Increased empathy
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased creativity
  • Building mental strength
  • Reduce childhood behavioral issues
  • Get to know yourself

Here are some of the benefits of being in a quiet environment:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Restored mental wellness
  • Improves cognition
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Increases relaxation

Freedom to Pursue New Opportunities

When life opens doors for you, you can walk through them. You are mobile. You can go anywhere you want to. That includes pursuing a dream job in another part of the country.

Less Maintenance Than a House

The amount of maintenance for an RV is less than that of a traditional house. The systems involved are also smaller since an RV is smaller than a house. There is no yard to mow and fewer appliances to maintain.

More Adventures, Hobbies, and Free Time

You will have more free time for adventures, hobbies, and exploration. You spend less time cleaning and fixing things and less time watching TV. This results in a lot more time to do the things you love.

Financial Flexibility

RV life is cheaper, so you end up with more financial flexibility. Adjusting a budget in an RV is much easier than in a house or apartment. You can do so with little work if you need to tighten your spending.

More Active Lifestyle

You become more active when you spend more time outdoors. You spend more time outdoors when you live in an RV. The more time you spend moving outdoors, the more you love it.


When you live in a smaller space, you must organize. You must be able to pack up and secure your things, so everything needs a home. You will become a master of finding the best ways to organize your RV.

Easy To Move

You can pack up everything and move to a new location whenever needed. Such ease is excellent if you must move for work or family. Remove the stress of logistics out of your decision-making.

Much More Fun

Living in an RV is much more fun. You can view your home as your fort. You can live life like you are camping every single night. When you were a kid, this would have been a dream.

Get a Routine That You Want

You have the freedom to move to get the routine that you want. Want to take your morning walk in the mountains? Want to be able to have breathtaking views for your afternoon bike ride? Want to spend every weekend at the beach? Move there and make it your routine.

Chase the Weather
sayulita mexico beach

You will have the freedom to chase the seasons that you prefer. Florida is beautiful in the winter but hot in the summer. Montana is gorgeous in the spring but freezing in the winter. When you are mobile, you can avoid the uncomfortable weather.

Chase the Scenery

You will have the freedom to choose the scenery that you prefer. You can change your location when craving a different view outside your door. The hardest part is choosing the next stop on the map.

Check Off Your Bucket List

When you are mobile, checking off your bucket list becomes much more manageable. You don’t have to wait long to start experiencing the things on your list. You can meander all over at whichever pace suits you.

Get Closer to Wildlife

When you spend more time outdoors, you end up closer to wildlife. You can learn about diverse species when you travel. You will learn how to co-exist with nature.

If You Don’t Like Your Neighbors, Move

You can go elsewhere if you end up with loud and nosey neighbors. You don’t have to stay anywhere that doesn’t serve you. You choose the engagement level that is right for you.

No Yard Work

Don’t spend any more weekends mowing the lawn. Most parks and campsites have their lawn care system. Land maintenance is their responsibility.

Pets Love It
dog smiling in field

Pets love to explore new places with their owners. Bringing your home along means your furry friends can come too. They will appreciate the amount of time spent outdoors. And they will LOVE the new sights and smells.

Great for Every Personality Type

The RV lifestyle is perfect for extroverts, introverts, adventurers, homebodies, and everyone else! Whether you like spending time alone or having company for dinner, this life works for you. If you love adventures, you will have plenty.

Inspire Others

You can show other people that they can pursue their dreams as well. Fear is the number one obstacle to growth. The best way to defeat that obstacle is for someone to show you how.

Is Living In An RV Worth It?

Yes! The best time to get started is now. Make this a reality for yourself. I am here to help along the way. Start preparing for your big adventure!

This post may contain affiliate links. Check out our disclosure for more information.

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