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Best Gifts For Campers

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Are you looking for personalized camping gifts just for campers? Personalized camping gifts are a special gift that stand out from the rest. There are endless amounts of gifts for RV enthusiasts, but a personalized one will make it so much more personal.

There are so many gift options that are a dime a dozen. It makes it difficult to stand out and truly provide a unique present. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

I personally hand-selected the gifts on this list. I purposefully chose items from small businesses because supporting small businesses is great. Not only that, but small businesses tend to have unique, more personalized products.

In this article, I will provide information and links to the some great gift ideas to be enjoyed on the next camping trip. If you have someone on your list that:

  • enjoy nature
  • is either living full-time in their rv or likes to camp
  • loves items designed with personalization

Over 60 Personalized Camping Gifts

Below are details on options for friends, families, couples, and everyone who enjoys the great outdoors! Get ready to add a little personalized gift to a loved one’s summer in the woods. Take a look at some favorites to remember.

1. Personalized Smore’s Board

S'mores board


Make campfire time a hit with this really cool rustic s’more tray. Personalize the tray so your camper can have a beautiful and functional custom piece for their campfire time.

The tray has two handles on the side, making carrying it a breeze. It is available in two different sizes, so you can choose the perfect size.

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2. Personalized Telescoping S’mores Roasting Set

S'mores Roasting Sticks


Personalize the S’more experience with this personalized telescoping S’mores Roasting set. These beautiful well made handles can be personalized in a number of ways. This ensure that each person around the campfire has a roaster that they can call their own.

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3. Personalized Roasting Sticks

Telescoping Roasting Sticks


These fun roasting sticks are the perfect Christmas gifts for the campfire with the most laughs. Choose clever sayings or personalize with names so every family member is included. These telescoping roasting sticks are sturdy and the perfect length for roasting.

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4. Small Personalized Charcuterie Board

Personalized Round Camper Charcuterie Board


This is a small well-made charcuterie board. Not every camper has the space for a larger item, making this board a perfect choice. The engraving on this board is beautifully done and it comes with an optional stand and cutting board oil.

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5. Personalized Mountain Charcuterie Board- Great Gift Idea

Personalized Mountain Charcuterie Board


This is a beautiful and unique board made from kiln-dried black walnut. It is crafted with inlaid epoxy mountains that make for a breathtaking, functional statement piece. This board can be enjoyed as-is or personalized by following the instructions on the page. This is a great gift idea.

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6. Personalized Gift Tempered Glass Ocean Cutting Board

Personalized Tempered Glass Ocean Cutting Board


This cutting board is a perfect choice for the camper in your life who loves the water. It is a handmade tempered glass board that can be used as a cutting board, serving board, or charcuterie board. The board can be personalized or enjoyed as-is.

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7. Campsite Cutting Board

Personalize Campsite Cutting Board


This is a thin wooden cutting board that will fit nicely in many campers. It is customizable and can be personalized with names, a year, and different camper styles. This board is one of the best gifts for someone who appreciates camper décor.

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8. Happy Campers Charcuterie Board


This is a high-quality wooden charcuterie board that adds a personal touch to the camper kitchen. Each board has several different design options and can be personalized. The board is 12” x 8” which is perfect for the small camper kitchen.

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9. Custom Campfire Sign

Custom Campfire Sign


This sign is beautifully made with pine and customized for each individual order. Each campfire sign comes with a saw tooth hanger on the back for easy hanging. This makes a wonderful gift to add to the décor for an outdoor event.

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10. Personalized Campsite Sign

Personalized Campsite sign


This personalized wooden campsite sign is sure to stand out. They are beautifully made and can be personalized in several different ways. The standard size comes with a yard stake and hangers.

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11. Personalized Metal Campsite Sign

Personalized Metal Campsite Sign


Upgrade the campsite flags to this truly unique outdoor use campsite sign. The metal cutout features a campfire scene and can be personalized to become a one-of-a-kind item. Improve the outdoor decor with this unique gift.

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12. Personalized LED Metal RV Sign

Personalized LED RV Metal Sign


Make the campsite stand out with this LED metal sign. Replace the garden flags with these best sellers. Each sign can be personalized and equipped with LED lights. The signs are lightweight and weatherproof.

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13. Personalized Waiters Corkscrew

Personalized Waiter's Corkscrew


A good corkscrew is worth it for any wine lover. This beautiful corkscrew has an ebony wood handle that can be personalized. This company also makes a rosewood-handled corkscrew. This corkscrew will stand out beautifully any time it is used.

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14. Personalized Carabiner Mug

Personalized Carabiner Mug


This mug is a great gift for an outdoor adventurer. The mug can be personalized for the person or couple you have in mind.

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15. Couple Stargazing Personalized Mug


This personalized mug is a beautiful gift for the outdoor-loving couple. The mug is enamel and can include customizable names and dates. The mug is small and lightweight, making it perfect for campers.

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16. Personalized Couples Camping Mug

Couples Camping Mug


Make a personalized camping mug with an RV on it for your favorite RV Couple. This mug is a great coffee mug or hot cocoa mug.

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17. Personalized Camping Wine Tumblers

Camping Wine Tumblers


This is a clever gift for your camping wine lover. Each tumbler is made from quality materials and is customizable.

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18. Personalized Couples Tumblers

Personalized Camper Couples Tumblers


These camping tumbler comes in various colors and are the perfect gift for your cold beverage. Each tumble is made from quality materials and can be customized to have different RV types and names. Enjoy your favourite beverage in this tumbler.

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19. Camping Mug Set With Coffee Maker

Camping Mug Set With Coffee Maker


This campervan enamel mug set is an adorable gift for your favorite camper. Each set has the option of selecting different colors and names. This is a great camper gift.

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20. Personalized Mountain Hiking Ornament


These cool ornaments are also beautiful sun catchers. You can personalize each ornament to represent the person who loves hiking.

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21. Personalized Camper Christmas Ornament

personalized camper ornament


This is an adorable camper ornament that is customizable. The ornament is handcrafted resin and then laser engraved.

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22. Personalized National Park Magnet

Personalized national park magnet


This is a really cool magnet that can be personalized. This magnet is engraved to look like a forest service national park sign.

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23. Personalized Compass

Personalized Compass


This personalized compass is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a wandering soul. It can be gold or antique and come in a wooden or leather box. This is one of the most unique gifts.

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24. Personalized Waterproof Camping Survival Kit

Personalized Waterproof camping survival kit


This is a perfect gift for the adventurer in your life. This survival kit comes in a waterproof case and includes a 14-in-1 collection of equipment. It is a great gift that can be stored in a truck, camper, boat, etc.

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25. Emergency Survival Kit

Emergency Survival Kit


Make sure your adventurers are always prepared with this Emergency Survival Kit. The kit comes with 152 pieces of equipment to help them be prepared in any situation. The compact pack can be easily carried or stored for easy access.

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26. Handmade Bushcraft Backpack

Handmade Bushcraft Backpack


This beautifully made bag would be an incredible gift for any bushcraft outdoor enthusiast. The bag is handmade, hand-painted, and made from genuine leather and waxed canvas. This bag is a one-of-a-kind bag, and the craftsmanship is unmatched. This bag will endure many camping adventures to come.

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27. Handmade Damascus Pocket Knife

Personalized handmade Damascus pocket knife


This is a stunning knife that is handcrafted from rosewood, leather, and Damascus steel. The differences in steel and woodgrain result in an entirely unique knife each time. This knife can be personalized to make it even more special.

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28. Personalized Camping Lantern

Personalized Camping Lantern


This personalized camping lantern is a great way to personalize the outdoor décor of your campsite. You have numerous personalization choices for this lantern. The lantern is illuminated with a solar candle.

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29. Personalized Camper Sweet Camper Kitchen Towels

Camper Sweet Camper Towels


These personalized kitchen towels are a great addition to any camper kitchen. These towels are a small personal touch that make a camper feel more like home.

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30. Love is Staying Together After Parking the Camper Kitchen Towels

love is staying together after parking the camper towel


These funny kitchen towels are sure to bring lots of laughter. Not only are these fun gifts, the towels are charming and functional, and would make a great addition to the indoor decor.

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31. Personalized Happy Campers Oven Mitts

Happy Campers Oven Mitts


Add a person touch to the camper kitchen with these oven mitts. Each set can be personalized.

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32. Happy Campers Personalized Doormat

Happy Campers Rug


Personalized door mats are a great way to add a personal touch to your camper. Each rug can be personalized with different sayings and names.

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33. This is How We Roll Rug

This is how we roll rug


This personalized custom doormat is a perfect addition to any RV. This mat is a great way to add a personal touch to the RV.

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34. Funny Camper Candle

Camper Funny Candle


Everyone will be sure to laugh when they see this hilarious candle. Each soy candle can be personalized which makes them even more hilarious. Not only is the candle hilarious, but it has a 75 hour burn time and the different scents smell wonderful.

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 35. Custom Steak/Burger Brand


What better way to show appreciation for the griller than gifting them with a branding iron? Every work of art leaving the grill can be stamped with the mark of it’s creator. Who wouldn’t love that?

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34. Personalized Wine and Cheese Tote

Wine and cheese tote with custom engraved wood cheese board


This gift is incredibly thoughtful for anyone who likes to have wine and cheese on their picnics. This is a portable wine cooler and picnic bag in one. The bag comes with an Acacia cheese board that can be personalized.

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35. Personalized Wine Tote

Customized Wine Tote


Give this gift to your wine lover. This wine tote comes fully customizable with 30 different quotes to choose from. You can also personalize the tote with a name.

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36. RV Door Decal

RV Door Decal


This RV Door Decal adds a personal touch to the entrance of any RV. Each decal can be personalized with names.

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37. Welcome to Our Camper Decal

Welcome to our camper decal


This camper decal adds a personal touch to the entrance of any RV. Each decal can be personalized with names.

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38. Large RV Decal

RV Decal Large


Make the RV stand out with this Large RV Decal. This company also allows for custom requests when you order.

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39. United States Scratch Off Travel Map

Scratch Off USA Map


This scratch off map is a wonderful gift for a traveler. Each state has bright and colorful images to be revealed. What a beautiful way to display travel history across the United States.

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40. Personalized Wooden Scrapbook

Personalized Wooden Scrapbook


This is a beautiful, personalized gift for the sentimental traveler. This adventure book is very unique and beautifully made. This is one of the most special gifts.

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41. Personalized Travel Journal

Personalized Travel Journal


We often lose track of the places we have been. This travel journal is a beautiful way to keep track of our adventures. Each journal can be personalized.

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42. Happer Glamper Makeup Bag

Happy Glamper Makeup Bag


This makeup bag is perfect for your favorite glamper. Each bag can be personalized, making it extra special.

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43. Happy Campers Wall Clock

Happy Campers Wall Clock


It’s always time for camping with this wall clock. Each clock can be personalized for the camper it will call home.

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44. Happy Camper Kids Pillow Cases

Happy Camper Kids Pillowcases


Make Camping special for the kids with these pillow cases. Personalize each one so the kids have something that is theirs!

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45. Personalized Backpack Cooler Chair

Backpack Cooler Chair


This backpack cooler chair makes camping a breeze. Carry both your chair and cooler on your back, keeping your arms free! Each chair can be personalized.

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46. Topographical Personalized Zippo

Personalized Topographical Zippo


This is a really cool topographical zippo that is perfect for any outdoor adventurer. Each Zippo can be personalized and makes for a practical gift.

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47. Personalized Camper Stove Top Cover

Camper Stove Top Cover


This rustic camping stove top cover is a perfect addition to the camper kitchen. Each cover can be personalized, making it a special gift.

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48. This is How We Roll Throw Pillows

this is how we roll throw pillows


These throw pillows are well-made and can be personalized. They are great throw pillows for the camper.

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49. Personalized Hibachi Charcoal Grill

Personalized Hibachi Grill


This Hibachi charcoal grill is handmade from high-quality materials. The engraving on it looks great and makes it very special. It is one of the best personalized gifts.

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50. Personalized BBQ Set

personalized bbq set


This BBQ set is handmade and comes with five stainless steel grilling tools. Each Set can be personalized or premade designs can be selected.

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51. Personalized Kids Camping Blankets

personalized kid's blankets


Made camping extra special by giving the kids blankets they can call their own. Each blanket can be personalized with color and name.

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52. Personalized Camping Chairs

personalized camping chair


This personalized custom camping chair ensures each person has a spot around the campfire. The company embroiders each camper’s name on a folding chair.

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54. Personalized Kids Camping Chair

Personalized Kids Camping Chair


Make campfires memorable for the kids with this personalized chair!

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55. Personalized Camping Blanket

Personalized Camping Blanket


This warm and cozy blanket is a perfect gift for cold-natured campers. Each blanket is fully customizable.

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56. Personalized Grilling Tray

personalized grilling tray


This tray personalizes your grilling experience. It is handmade and has easy-to-carry handles on the sides.

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57. Custom Puzzle

Custom Puzzle


Take a favorite photo and turn it into a personalized puzzle. Puzzles are a great way to spend a rainy day in the camper.

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58. Personalized Fire Ring


Practice safe campground etiquette with this metal fire ring. Each fire ring has a mountain scene and can be personalized.

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59. Personalized Camping Dog Bowl

camping dog bowl with lid


Make sure the pup isn’t left out! This personalized dog bowl is perfect for dog lovers and comes with a lid to keep food from spilling out.

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60. Personalized Hoodie Blanket

Personalized Hoodie Blanket


Ensure that no one is cold around the campfire again. This is the perfect personalized gift for camping lovers. These personalized hoodie blankets have premium sherpa lining to stay warm and cozy.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Check out our disclosure for more information.

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